What to prepare before diving? (Part 1)

When diving, you must equip yourself with a full range of items such as diving suits, specialized diving goggles, diving masks, snorkels, propellers, etc.

Before going into the water, you need to check all Both quality assurance items, whether they fit you or not especially masks and propellers, are too loose or too tight you need to change immediately.

Do not because the rent is missing or exhausted, but you try to use because it is extremely dangerous when you dive deep into the sea and slip off the mask or propeller.


As mentioned above, snorkeling is snorkeling and swimming goggles. With this type, visitors will swim on the water with a snorkel and face the water to see the coral reefs below. Hearing this, many people will wonder if they can not join swimming if they do not know how to swim? Because Snorkeling is swimming on the water and looking down below. So if you can’t swim, you can wear a life jacket. For those who already know how to swim, I can dive deeper to see better.

However, please note that the coral should not touch the bottom. Because there are many corals that are easy to die to touch and especially do not break them.

Perhaps you do not know, corals grow only about 3cm each year in the wild. So to get the reefs we look at now they have had to go through decades of development. And most importantly, do not swim too close to the rocks. There are lots of vendors on top. Just touching them will probably require at least 3 stitches in your leg.


This is a deep scuba diving type. To join this category requires a little knowledge of scuba diving. Usually before diving, someone will guide you on the basics of diving. Examples include hand signals, use of oxygen tanks, etc.