Useful Swiss watches for water sports player

Mido Ocean Star Tribute and Mido brand Ocean Star Diver 600 have a sport design and water resistance.

Ocean Star Tribute

Since the 1930s, Mido has been a well-known brand with high performance in the watch waterproof system, dedicated to undersea activities, in which Ocean Star is one of the collections that show the latest technology.

Launched in 1944, Ocean Star is a typical product line for manufacturing secrets of the Mido brand. Based on the version of each of the 1960s Ocean Star watches, the new special edition celebrates the 75th anniversary of the collection called the Ocean Star Tribute, which measures 40.5mm in size, suitable for a wide range of audiences. customer.

The two versions of the Ocean Star Tribute are equipped with the latest generation Caliber 80 movement, which allows up to 80 hours of power reserve.

Outstanding design and undersea specifications, Ocean Star watches are like the Europa Point lighthouse overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar. Its powerful beam of light is an important reference point for sailors heading ashore on the Iberian Peninsula. The Ocean Star collection, launched in 1944, evokes safety and reliability as a solid fortress, as a basis for conquering challenges at sea.

Ocean Star Tribute is resistant to all weather and environment, especially against water.

The representative of the company said the two Ocean Star Tribute watches are a reinterpretation of the contemporary history of each diver’s watch, created in the 1960s. brand royalty, but the new automatic movement makes them a modern watch. Simple and popular designs for scuba diving with up to 20 bar water resistance (200 m / 660 ft).

Ocean Star Diver 600

Mido’s Ocean Star Diver 600 is the epitome of the Mido partnership and the Red Bull Cliff Diving. Swiss watch brands and sporting events share the same passion and ambition to overcome themselves, constantly innovating to perfection.

In addition to being waterproof, the Ocean Star Diver 600 is shockproof and easy to read.

The Ocean Star Diver 600 diving watch is a combination of high accuracy and reliability. Water resistant up to 600m (60 bar), shockproof and easy to see hours even in the dark under the sea.

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series was first organized in 2009. The tournament is then held every year with the participation of the world’s best and bravest athletes.