Top water sports and activities you should try in San Diego (Part 3)

Diving Lobster

This is a unique water activity in San Diego. Get some snorkeling gear, but then forget about everything else you envisioned when you were thinking about snorkeling excursion. For this one, you will also want some thicker, cooler gloves, and a few other items.

You will also be making some deep swimming from the surface so – you guessed it – catch some lobster lobsters. There are some rules and regulations for lobster diving, and you’ll need a license, but it’s a memorable way to catch your dinner. You can read more about diving protocols and tips here.

Jet skis

The black and figurative rush you will get from zooming on water ripples on Jet Ski (or WaveRunner) makes it a great way to spend a morning or afternoon of adventure in San Diego.

Most rental companies that offer Jet Ski rentals at hours you can start a trip and start running around Mission Bay, San Diego Bay and Carlsbad Lagoon.


San Diego’s marina is home to several lovely yachts and speedboats available to charterers. Unless you can prove you’re a seaman, you may need to hire a captain to operate your yacht.

However, that means you can simply lay back and walk in the scenery, if you’re sailing around San Diego Bay means views of the Coronado Bridge, the hills of Point Loma, and the skyline Stunning city center.


If you like your rowing boat to be a little faster than what the boat can offer, hire a motorboat instead. If you take it out on a quiet bay, you can even water ski or pipe behind it, although make sure you find out the rules for this from your rental company first as it is not allowed. everywhere. You can read more about this and other rules on


You don’t have to rent a boat on the bay to experience the feeling of water skiing. At the Carlsbad lagoon, you will be provided with a boat, driver, equipment and an additional guide to help you excel at water skiing or windsurfing. Choose from 30-minute or 60-minute tour options.