Top water sports and activities you should try in San Diego (Part 2)


Both sea and lagoon adventures are available in San Diego. Popular sea kayaking excursions include kayaking around Mission Bay or taking part in La Jolla’s adventurous activities and into the sea caves. Tours are available (and are required for sea caves) or you can just rent a kayak and paddle around your own in both areas.

I have enjoyed kayaking in both areas although one highlight is when a curious seal approached my kayak and swam just below it. Lagoon kayaking is also available at Carlsbad Lagoon and is a good option for those who are a little worried about encountering rogue waves or curious marine animals.


It may not be the Caribbean with clear aquamarine water, but San Diego still has some great scuba diving to be found, especially at La Jolla Cove, which is usually calm enough to have enough visibility to spot reef sharks, fish, stingrays, and even seals swimming around you. There are several rental companies in La Jolla Shores that rent diving equipment and even arrange snorkeling tours.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving in San Diego is supposed to be a bit cold, but that’s why there is so Many types of wetsuits. Don as a wetsuit (and booties) and get ready to explore the underworld of the ocean off the coast of San Diego, where you can see coral sharks and seals (La Jolla) and even some ships. sunk at Wreck Alley, located about a mile of San Diego Bay.

There are companies that offer snorkeling tours, or if you are a certified certified diver, you can only rent or bring your own scuba gear and access La Jolla Cove right from the shore. , although it is a hard climbing and backing up with your device.


Stand up Paddleboarding is not just a du jour sport right now; It is also a great workout that helps you get rid of the water.

Many water sport rental companies offer surfboards right now, and the best places to paddle are where you can find some relatively calm water. In San Diego, your best bets are La Jolla Shores (once you navigate through that first break), Carlsbad Lagoon and Mission Bay.