Top 7 most suitable places to play paragliding in the world (Part 3)

Although the locals don’t like the sand dunes because it has encroached on their hotels, roads as well as factories or farms, paragliders love it. Paragliding here becomes a more relaxing activity than adventure because it is extremely easy to control, the land is soft, the people are friendly and hospitable.

Physical and mental requirements for paragliders

Physical requests

Age: The maximum age allowed for a person to be paragliding is 70 (age ranges from 18 to 70). However, at the age of 46 years and older, players need a doctor’s certificate to allow participation in this sport.

Ability to run: You must be able to run at least 27m for a maximum of 6 seconds. If you can’t do that, paragliding is just a sport that exists in your dreams.

Ability to balance on high: You must be able to jump from 3 stairs down without doing anything. Learning how to safely fall unscathed is a mandatory part of the course.

Weight: Minimum weight of candidates is 48kg, maximum is 91kg (will soon be only 86kg). If your body weight exceeds the height of 20%, then paragliding is not a suitable sport for you.

If you want to play this game, you must lose weight immediately because being overweight increases the risk of injury or even death while flying.

Vision: You need to have a good distance vision to clearly see where you are flying. If you need to wear glasses, you must use specialized glasses for sports such as “Rec-Specs” for example to prevent the loss of glasses while flying.

Ability to determine the direction of good: If you have difficulty identifying the left or right, you need to discard yourself from this sport immediately. Confusing left or right can be extremely dangerous while flying.

Mental request

Mental stability while paragliding is of particular importance. This sport is never for the weak. A pilot can never put himself in a state of self-control that makes himself panic, or becomes disoriented. Maintaining mental stability is essential to engage in any activity while in the air. Panic or anything like that can lead to casualties.