Top 7 most suitable places to play paragliding in the world (Part 1)

Paragliding is a high-risk adventure sport, but it is still ranked at the top of the top 7 sports that you need to try once in your life.

The dream of flying freely in the sky like birds has always fascinated people for centuries. With just a high enough peak, the wind is strong enough that you can swing like a bird in front of the admiration of those on the ground.

Here are 7 places rated as the most suitable to play this sport in the world.

Bir, India

As the host country of the 2015 Paragliding World Cup, Bir is the name of a village located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, northern India and an ecotourism center, spiritual research and meditation center. Bir is also home to a Tibetan refugee settlement with several Buddhist monasteries and a large stupa.

The Bir – Billing area is a popular place for paragliders in India and travelers from around the world. Its flight season starts from September to October, sometimes with a number of flights still taking place in November. The village also hosts regular international contests and events.

The starting point is on the lawn at Billing (14 km north of Bir) at an altitude of 2,400 m, and the landing position, which is also a crowded tourist destination, is located in the village of Chowgan (also known as Chaugan) is located on the southern edge of Bir.

Chamonix / Mont Blanc, France

Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Europe, located near the border between France, Switzerland and Italy. Xuang around this area is a great starting point for paragliders. The parachute begins at the top of Mont Blanc at 4,440 m (14,500 ft) and glides down the Chamonix valley or even flies over neighboring countries.