Things to keep in mind when snorkeling watching corals (Part 4)

Going into the sea, you will be under pressure, plus the psychology is a bit worried, your health is not guaranteed, it is very easy for you to exhausted and faint while diving, dangerous will lead to loss of life. So only scuba dive when you feel fit.

What are the essential things when diving?

Diving suit, specialized diving goggles, diving mask, vent tube, propeller, you must have all the above items to be able to safely and conveniently explore the sea. Before going to the sea, you need to check the quality items, fit your body, especially masks and propellers, if they are loose or too tight, you need to change immediately, do not because of the place. Lack of rent, all you try to use them, will be very dangerous when you are diving deep into the sea and slip off the mask or propeller.

The diving set needs to be prepared

Absolutely obey the rules, the instructions of the guide. Even if you have experience in scuba diving, you should start and learn to dive 5 minutes in advance with a guide for safe snorkelling.

You need to swim slowly, always dive with the group, do not dive alone, dive too deep to avoid cramps, oxygen shortage, someone will know and help you.

Do not drink alcohol before diving. Drinking alcohol before diving will make you dehydrated more quickly and cause unforeseen complications when the pressure increases.

After reaching the shore to help reduce tinnitus, close your mouth, cover your ears and exhale gently with your nose.

You have to wait 24 hours after diving to get on the plane for your body to recover, if you do not have enough time then you should not dive.

Above are things that you should keep in mind when snorkeling. Hope the information is useful for you.