Things to keep in mind when snorkeling watching corals (Part 3)

Small accessories such as hoods, socks, gloves, pressure gauges, heart rate will also be things that you should be prepared to keep warm and detect abnormalities early. If any, to ensure safety for yourself against problems that may occur when diving deep into the water.

3. Time to dive

Like other sports, visitors should not dive when you are too hungry or have just eaten. Diving with an empty stomach will definitely make you extremely tired. Meanwhile, diving at fullness is very easy to vomit. Therefore, the best time to take part in scuba diving is about 1 hour after eating.

In addition, visitors should only dive when the mood is comfortable, avoid diving when frightened or have psychological problems. Diving in an unstable mood can reduce your flexibility when dealing with situations and lead to serious accidents.

4. Some other important notes

– Do not dive alone but should dive with the team to be able to support each other when needed.

– Follow the rules

Psychological preparation before diving

It is necessary to prepare psychologically when going to dive. Why psychologically prepare when diving?

The ocean is extremely large, where you can explore but there are still dangers lurking, so you need to be mentally stable, ready for your trip to be able to calmly handle. inadequate situations under the guidance of guides. If you are afraid of excessive stress before going to the sea, tell the tour guide, if it is not okay, you can not adjust your psychology, do not go into the sea, you will easily panic, mice withdrawal, fainting, etc. while diving is very dangerous.

Well-prepare for health when going scuba diving

Health is extremely important factor for you to explore the beach conveniently. If you have heart disease, high blood pressure, then you shouldn’t experience scuba diving.

Before going scuba diving, your health should be in good conditions without any bad symptoms.