Things to keep in mind when snorkeling watching corals (Part 2)

Diving goggles

When choosing glasses, visitors should choose the glasses with wide visibility, soft rubber layer, clear glasses and good impact resistance. A good glasses will help visitors can clearly see the sparkling, magical scenery when diving underwater.

Snorkeling suits

These suits both protect visitors from scratches from hitting rocks and corals, while keeping the body warm when immersed in water for a long time. . Therefore, the choice of diving gear is also a key factor for a perfect snorkelling trip.

Guests need to choose clothes that fit, not too wide to prevent sea water from entering, which makes the body lose heat quickly. It is also not advisable to choose a suit that is too tight, which makes it difficult to move and makes blood flow difficult. Depending on the needs, diving environment, visitors can choose suitable suits from the following 3 types of diving gear.

Body suit

Usually made from nylon. This type of diving suit has the ability to protect your entire body from scratching and provides good sun protection when you get out of the water. However, this diving suit has very poor thermal insulation, so it is only suitable for diving in warm water.

Wet suit

This is a quite popular diving suit, has many thicknesses and different models, suitable for both cold water 10 degrees C or warm water 30 degrees C.

Dry suit

This is a diving suit that insulates the wearer’s body from water and keeps visitors dry. The dry diving suit is the warmest diving suit and people only use it to dive in cold water environments below 10 degrees Celsius.

Scuba diving knife

When diving, if unfortunately caught by the rope (broken boat lanyard, fishing line, etc.) can not be removed, visitors will find the usefulness of these knives.

Diving accessories

Fully equipped with equipment will help visitors ensure their safety when exploring the sea floor.