Things to keep in mind when snorkeling watching corals (Part 1)

Scuba diving to see corals and explore the ecosystem of the sea floor are activities that many tourists are interested in when traveling. However, you also need to be well prepared to have a safe snorkeling for yourself.

1. Weather and environment factors

Things to keep in mind when diving into the coral reefs

Diving on clear water days, visitors will easily observe the creatures and colorful coral reefs. Photo: Internet

For a snorkeling trip, guests can choose hot or cool days. However, it is important that the day does not have much wind and the waves are not large to ensure your safety while diving.

Another equally important factor that determines the success of a scuba diving is the right water. Sometimes, the weather conditions are extremely ideal for diving, but the sea is too cloudy to make visitors unable to observe the interesting things around.

2. Prepare furniture

Lifejacket diving: Not only does it help visitors float easily into the water, it also works against shock and protects your body from scratches when being pushed by waves on corals or rapids. Life jackets are often designed with striking colors to be detected from afar. This is extremely useful for rescue when an incident occurs. Because of the great utilities that life jackets offer, choosing a life jacket for your own weight before diving, is extremely important that visitors should note.

– Propellers: Due to the impact of the flow and resistance of the water, if swimming without propellers, visitors will quickly lose strength. When swimming far, deep dive, propeller will help the mobility of visitors greatly increased. Therefore, choosing the right propeller will be extremely helpful when you want to dive, explore the world under the ocean. Visitors should not choose the propellers too wide to avoid slipping when swimming, should also stay away from the propellers too tight if you do not want to sore feet.