The Extreme Water Sports You Should Try When Traveling In Summer (Part 2)

4. Paragliding

Every time you travel to the sea, you can watch the colors of paragliding on beach. You feel extremely excited and very admiring the people who are hanging above them.

Paragliding is one of the fascinating, adventurous and helps you burst the most energy when traveling in the summer. Before you start playing, you will be very carefully buckled with protective belts, life jackets, instructions on skills. After that, the canoe will pull you up about 70-100m and start “flying”.

Hey, imagine, you will float in the sky, the bottom is immense sea. You will be flying with the wind, with the birds. Of course, you will not be able to avoid the initial moments of nervousness and fear to the point of beating your heart, but then you are also extremely excited to be able to see the immense scenery from above on a sea trip.

5. Diving

Scuba diving is a difficult and extremely easy subject. Even if you can’t swim, you can take a snorkeling tour with professional divers. When diving, you will be equipped with diving gear with diving clothes, glasses, snorkel, oxygen tank. Before starting to explore the ocean, you will learn simple movements and symbols in the water to communicate with each other.

Before diving, you will have time to familiarize yourself with diving gear and learn the symbols underwater

After everything is ready, you start the journey to explore the sea floor. You will be spoiled for watching the world of aquarium right around you with beautiful coral reefs, swimming with colorful fishes at a depth of about 6-8m of water. And if you have a diving certificate, you can dive to a depth of 10-18m into deep caves to see lobster, oregano, etc.

6. Fly-board

Fly-board, also known as water standing, is a popular beach sport. This sport looks quite “scary” when there is a force pushing you into the air from 6-9m and standing in the middle of the immense sea. However, this game still attracts a lot of young people traveling the summer to participate because of the “very” feeling that it brings.

You will be comfortable exploding emotions, screaming and even a little anxiety. So, just play once you will crush this country stand and the following sea trips you will continue to play this game again.