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Equipment to start scuba diving (Part 3)

As shared, to start a scuba diving trip is not easy. It requires complicated skills about diving by both practice and theory. It’s necessary conditions to assure a safe trip. However, value when you can make this trip is deserving. Not many people have enough brave and strong willingness to discover life in the marine.

Equipment to start scuba diving

In this article, we will collect all necessary equipment you need to start scuba diving perfectly.  As far as we know, scuba diving has become a favorite water sport for the young in the recent time. It brings more exciting experience about the life of marine. However, to have a safe trip with scuba diving,

What to prepare before diving? (Part 1)

When diving, you must equip yourself with a full range of items such as diving suits, specialized diving goggles, diving masks, snorkels, propellers, etc. Before going into the water, you need to check all Both quality assurance items, whether they fit you or not especially masks and propellers, are too loose or too tight you

Things to keep in mind when snorkeling watching corals (Part 2)

Diving goggles When choosing glasses, visitors should choose the glasses with wide visibility, soft rubber layer, clear glasses and good impact resistance. A good glasses will help visitors can clearly see the sparkling, magical scenery when diving underwater. Snorkeling suits These suits both protect visitors from scratches from hitting rocks and corals, while keeping the