Should you choose Scuba Diving or Snorkeling? (Part 2)

The difference between the two activities requires a different approach to teaching the two skills. Scuba diving poses a greater need on our bodies and is considered an extreme sport. Therefore, the levels of training needed to learn scuba diving are more than those needed to learn to dive.

Safety is at the forefront of teaching both skill sets. However, training to become a diver always requires a professional diver trainer.

Usually before diving, someone will guide you on the basics of diving. Examples include hand signals, use of oxygen tanks, etc.

Those who do not know how to swim should not worry about this type. Because to dive into the water you will have to wear extra oxygen about 9kg so.

For a normal swimmer, I can’t stand it with that weight. You will be wearing a life jacket connected to an oxygen bottle. When diving, you just gradually withdraw the gas from the life jacket and when you want to float, too. Just slowly pump more oxygen into the life jacket.

Also known as test diving, it can be said to be the most suitable form of diving for people who have never been to diving or those who do not have a license. dive. The maximum depth for a diving program is from 3 to 6 m. You don’t have to worry about dealing with situations when you are in the water because with this service you will always have a guide to accompany you so you can go a few meters deeper.

What you need to learn to snorkel compared to what you need to learn for scuba diving is quite different. For example, to be able to dive, you must have the qualification to do that. To determine your level of diving, you will need to do a test. Also, it is unlikely that you will be able to dive from a diving boat, without showing your diver qualifications. However, no such exam or qualification is a requirement of scuba diving.

This means that becoming a diver is much easier than being a diver. But this cannot stop you from becoming a diver. The test is easy to do, once you have learned the information you need to pass and then all you need to do is build your dive and keep diving.

So before choosing what type of dive, see what type of dive you fit and depending on your preference to choose. Have a great diving!