Should you choose Scuba Diving or Snorkeling? (Part 1)

Which one is easier?

Neither scuba diving and snorkeling are comparable in such a direct way. Because for each person, each activity can suit this person and vice versa. Each activity has its interesting points and even when you learn scuba diving and snorkeling.

However, if you have not done snorkeling or scuba diving before, I recommend that you start with snorkeling first. You can always proceed to scuba diving later.

But if you are anyone like me, when you discover your love for the underwater world, you will probably continue to dive with the snorkel, even if you become a qualified diver.

There is a big difference between learning how to dive with a snorkel compared to learning how to dive. With a snorkel you float on the surface of the water, with the surface sometimes diving underwater. Whereas with scuba diving, you completely immerse yourself in the water during the dive.

Therefore, it is much easier to learn to snorkel and learn to scuba dive. With this in mind, let’s see where and how you can learn to snorkel and learn to scuba dive.

Learning how to snorkel can be done near where you live. Or replace on or near your resort when you are on vacation.

For scuba diving lessons, find a center near you. You will be trained all the steps there to help you feel more confident when diving.

Can I learn to dive on my own and is it safe?

Unlike learning how to dive with a snorkel, you cannot and do not have to learn to dive by yourself. If you are considering self-diving, don’t.

Scuba diving needs to be taught by a qualified instructor, as it is classified as a dangerous sport. If you are not taught properly, things can go wrong. You can harm yourself, with the worst result being a lack of knowledge about scuba diving and the dangers associated with it, leading to death.

When you are properly trained and where you follow best practices, all risks associated with scuba diving are minimized and all associated hazards are negligible.