Four exciting adventure water sports you should try

Zipline, Flyboard, climbing cliffs and dropping yourself into the water, whether flying in the sea, etc. are the exciting but exciting sports that you should experience this summer.

Zipline swing – such an attractive and addictive game

Zipline swing is a game that attracts many people because it is entertaining, quite adventurous and has a panoramic view of nature from above. You will be hanging on a cable, sliding down from the top of the mountain. Your chest will be inflated, your heartbeat and receive strong winds whistling over your ears.


Join the game Flyboard, you will be transformed into the famous Iron Man character

Flyboard is a new game that attracts a lot of people who love this game. Flyborad uses a jet engine to draw water and propel itself into the air. This world-famous game gives you the feeling of being transformed into the Iron Man character in Marvel blockbusters.

Climbing and dropping (Deep water soloing)

Deep water soloing is extreme sport that is not for the people who have a weak heart.

Deep water soloing (roughly translated as climbing and dropping into the water) is an exciting and exciting sport. You will not have a dedicated climbing belt, gloves or hammer axes, just by your own hands, specialized climbing shoes, vertical cliffs and blue sea waiting for you.

Parachute flying in the sea

This is a game that many visitors enjoy, you will be floating in the air watching the immense sea, immersed in the cool breeze. Players hang themselves on a parachute as large as a safety belt, connected to the canoe with a length of 30-50 meters. The canoe will pull up the umbrella, the stronger the wind, though it will quickly expand and fly in the air.