Essential experiences you should know when scuba diving (Part 4)

The thorns: As the name implies, is a creature living on rocks and coral reefs underwater. They are less moving, often diving people do not pay much attention to stepping on them. There are many types of thorns, there are long spines, there are short spines, different shapes and colors but it is generally circular, with spines best not to catch them.

Mao fish: is a colorful fish, because the spines are long, they have a very powerful toxin that can cause numbness, shortness of breath or even life-threatening if they do not encounter them. They hide in coral reefs, in caves, rocks and corals, so when you meet them, you only need to look at their beautiful paintings, absolutely do not touch them.

5. Do not swim and dive away from your boat or canoe

When diving, watch corals or hunt fish, many people can swim, dive away from the dock of boats. However, this is not recommended because you may be in danger.

Because when a dive is near the place where the boat is anchored, something is wrong on the train, so they will support you in time. Another factor when swimming far away from anchoring facilities for scuba diving, you may be in danger by boats, passing ships, or you may encounter running water, will take you away.

6. Other attention when diving

– Absolutely follow the instructions of local guides when diving.

– During the dive, you will have to use strength. The following notes should be avoided.

– Do not dive when the body is weak.

– Do not scuba dive when you eat too full, or too hungry.

– Do not scuba dive when you are in a bad mood.

– Do not scuba dive after drinking alcohol (Will cause dangerous complications when the pressure changes).

Here are some rules when participating in diving. Hopefully this summer you and your family will have really safe holidays when participating in scuba diving tours.