Essential experiences you should know when scuba diving (Part 1)

Summer to scuba diving tours is always loved and chosen by many people, especially young people who love to explore and explore the ocean. So what do you need to prepare, and how to have a successful dive?

Scuba diving is an underwater adventure sport. This sport has two forms, diving and snorkeling equipment with no breathing aids. Snorkeling not only requires proper breathing, but it also trains a deep concentration to control the body in floating waters.

So to have an interesting scuba diving trip you need to prepare some tools as well as learn some experience while diving under the sea.

1. Subjects should not scuba dive

People with high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease should not be involved. The reason is that the patients are not adaptable to the sudden change in pressure, the air temperature between the shore and the underwater leading to them being able to lose their temper or forget the instructor’s instructions. This will be extremely dangerous because it is likely that they will choke, choke, hurt their ears, etc. Therefore, the above visitors absolutely do not participate in scuba diving.

2. Track the weather

Choose a hot day or a cool day, it is important that the sea is not dynamic, meaning the wave is not big, the wind is not much. Another factor that decided to get interesting snorkeling was the water to be in. Good weather and clear water are necessary and sufficient conditions for an exciting diving trip.

3. What should be prepared before diving?

Diving jackets

Used to float people when entering the water, on the other hand life jackets have other effects such as bumps, scratches when waves hit rocks, corals. Life jackets are designed to use floating, bright colors that can be detected remotely to facilitate rescue work. Choose a life jacket that fits the size and pays attention to the weight problem of each person.