Equipment to start scuba diving

In this article, we will collect all necessary equipment you need to start scuba diving perfectly. 

As far as we know, scuba diving has become a favorite water sport for the young in the recent time. It brings more exciting experience about the life of marine. However, to have a safe trip with scuba diving, you should prepare it carefully. The fact, we can’t control all danger or risk happen in the underwater, so we should protect ourselves by the best equipment as followings:

1/ Diving marks

In fact, our eyes can’t see clearly in the underwater, especially the salt water. So, you need to use a diving mark to discover everything in the marine by your naked eyes conveniently. Sure that high quality mask can bring good experience for your trip under the sea to immerse all breathtaking surroundings.

 In case you tend only to join scuba diving one time, you can rent a diving mask to save the cost. Because price of a high quality mask is extremely expensive. However, you should choose a rental mask carefully because it is used by hundreds of people before. Maybe it can look fogged or dim or polluted by other old saliva of formers.

Once you determine to become a pro diver, you should by a new one which fits and meets your demands. It’s better to own equipment by yourself. It can be more comfortable with your face and without saliva of anyone. You can reference some websites or shop to find a proper diving mark.

2/ Drysuit or wetsuit

Although drysuit or websuit make you uncomfortable due to its heavy weight, it helps your travel to be safer when it protects your skin and body against the cool water. Then make your body warmer. It’s specially used when divers are in the cool water.