Equipment to start scuba diving (Part 3)

As shared, to start a scuba diving trip is not easy. It requires complicated skills about diving by both practice and theory. It’s necessary conditions to assure a safe trip.

However, value when you can make this trip is deserving. Not many people have enough brave and strong willingness to discover life in the marine. Therefore, it’s a great memory in your life.

To start this trip, you need to prepare equipment carefully. Now, we continue to check list about equipment you should use. The fact, some equipment is expensive. So, you can consider between renting and buying to save cost.

6, Regulator

As referred from the former article, you need a tank to breath longer under the water. To connect air from a tank, you need a regulator. It helps to convert air from the high pressure to ambient pressure.

Another part of regulator, you use it to put in your mouth then breathe.

Once you find a diving regulator, you should pick up a proper one which you feel comfortable for breath as well meet maximum your needs.

7, Depth gauge and submersible pressure gauge

Two devides help you to consult depth and gas in your process.

About depth gauge, it points out the current depth as well remind maximum depth you can touch in a diving trip. Whereas, a submersible pressure gauge shows amount of gas remaining in tank or cylinder, then consults you about maximum time you can use of gas supply. It’s better to determine what time you need to come back the ground.

8, Compass

A compass is useful to navigate your position, direction as well instruct you about the road. It’s good to avoid lossing. 

Further, you feel safer when it indicates some places in low visibility.