Equipment to start scuba diving (Part 2)

In the modern life, people have more opportunities to discover the new life in the sky or ocean through advanced technology and equipment.

In this article, we will refer one water sport as well a journey loved by many people in the recent time. It’s scuba diving.

To start this sport, you have to prepare both theory and equipment. You should join training course how to dive and join scuba diving in a safe way. Besides it, learning and using fluently equipment for one scuba diving trip are necessary. It helps your trip to be safer and effective.

3, Diving fins

Fins are important equipment for your diving gear which help you to move in the underwater with speed and power.

Through diving fins, you can control your movement and go with speed as you expect. 

Basically, there are two types of fins: open heel and full foot fins. In per category, there are two version: blade or split. Depending on your favorite, you should find comfortable fins. 

4, Diving gloves

Purpose of scuba diving is to explore new landscapes as well beauties in the ocean. So, using a diving gloves is essential to protect your hands when accessing to underwater caves or tricky locations underwater.

In general, diving gloves work like a wetsuit. It has been made from thin layer to protect fingers and palms before the underwater. Furthermore, it also keeps hands warmer.

5, Scuba tank or diving cylinder

This equipment is obviously important to support your breathing longer underwater. It also has function to store and deliver a large capacity of compressed air for your breathing apparatus.

Per scuba tank has pressure volume around 2000 to 3500 psi. The component is from either steel or aluminum. The fact, cost of purchase a scuba tank is expensive, so you should consider whether buying or renting to save cost in your own.