Checklist equipment in swimming (Part 2)

To enjoy swimming well, you should prepare necessary equipment. It protects you not only in the water but also health after finishing the exercise.

From the former article, we refer to basic equipment for a normal game, including in swimming goggles, swimming caps and training suit. In case you join more difficult games in the ocean, you need to use more tools to push up power and speed in the water.

In this article, we continue to checklist some equipment you must have in swimming. Following it if you tend to play this game.

4, Swim Fins. 

Swimming fins bring a lot of benefit when moving in the water in a long time.

Once you want to speed up, you can use swim fins to support you. Or the added surface area of swim fins is useful to push your leg move without consuming so much energy.

Someone claims that using swim fins is not professional. It’s a wrong thought. Once some equipment can support you well in the process, why you don’t take advantage of it to swim better and safer.

5, Swim parka

This accessory is helpful to keep your body warm when you swim in the early mornings, especially in the winter.

Swim parka is made from thick fleece interior and water-resistant outer, you can wear it when finish one race of swimming.

According to advice of doctors, you shouldn’t immerse in the cold water in a long time because it is easy to be caught the cold. So, you should have break time to refresh energy before restarting. Using a swim parka is suitable.

6, Nose clip.

Nose clip is useful to maintain your breath longer in hours under the water. Furthermore, you feel more buoyant during the breakout.

This equipment is usually popular with beginners who how to learn breathing in the water.