Checklist equipment in swimming (Part 1)

Swimming is one of the most favorited watersports for all ages and all seasons. Because it brings a lot of benefits for health, mental as well physicals, it is played under other purposes. Someone loves swimming to improve health issues, other want to lose weight by swimming to burn calories and fat, so on.

Any reason to start swimming, you need to prepare enough equipment so that you can enjoy this sport safely and effectively.

Now, we checklist some necessary equipment and accessory you need to prepare to start swimming as a professional sport.

1, Swimming goggles

There are two reasons you should use swimming goggles in swimming process: firstly, you have a good vision to navigate your body to safe places. Because the human eye can’t see clearly underwater, something becomes dim or unclear. So, using swimming goggle is to limit this disadvantage.

The second, one pair of swimming goggles can help you to protect your eyes. Underwater, your eyes need to touch something dirty or chlorine, waste, it’s not good for your eyes.

2, Swimming caps

One swimming cap is useful to keep your hair out of face during your process, so you can see clearly. Further, it is helpful to protect your hair under effects of chemicals in the water. Even, it keeps dry after finishing game.

Anyway, you are female or male, you should use a swimming cap when swimming.

3, Training suit

One comfortable training suit will help you to enjoy this sport. 

For the male, you should use a short. Although you feel uncomfortable in the first time, it is better to enjoy the game because the environment in water is different from the land. Using short helps you to move in the water easily.

For the women, a training suit is not comfortable in the water but also is useful to show fashion style to others.