Checklist equipment in swimming (Final part)

Here we continue to checklist necessary equipment in swimming. If you are planning to start swimming in this season, you should follow our instruction to have a safe trip.

The fact that swimming is not simple as diving in the swimming pool. Swimming is called shortly for all water sports like scuba diving, diving, snorkeling so on. Any water sport you enjoy, you need to swim to protect yourself in some emergencies.

7, Swim Snorkel

Whether you are a professional or amateur swimmer, you should use swim snorkel closed in the front-mounted. This part become a necessary equipment of all swimmers in the gear bag so that you can do it faster and safer.

There are some reasons about benefit of swim snorkel like: it helps to balance your stroke, it supports you to keep your face down easily in freestyle swimming, it keeps you a straight head which is a safe pose in the water. Or through swim snorkel, you can swim and breath comfortably without interfering anything. Another benefit, it has the same function as swim fins when it pushes your movement faster if you prefer.

In general, swim snorkel is necessary to protect you in the water in a long time.

It is normally designed with many colors, so the water becomes colorful with different swim snorkels.

8, Paddles

This equipment should be used when you practice a long diving. it looks as if your hands and shoulders so it helps to get balance your body in the water.

As shared, pressure of body is different in the land and water. Sometimes you can’t control movement speed or your weight in the water, so using paddles is completely proper to limit the stroke rate.

Because it brings high benefits, this part is expensive. You should consider a proper type.