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5 water sports in Malta that visitors must try

Thanks to the numerous beautiful beaches that make water sports in Malta always loved by locals and tourists. Located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, nestled between Sicily and North Africa, Malta is a small archipelago filled with historical sites and pristine natural beauty. Here, water sports are popular among people on the island

Four exciting adventure water sports you should try

Zipline, Flyboard, climbing cliffs and dropping yourself into the water, whether flying in the sea, etc. are the exciting but exciting sports that you should experience this summer. Zipline swing – such an attractive and addictive game Zipline swing is a game that attracts many people because it is entertaining, quite adventurous and has a

Scuba diving – such an attractive sport

Although it takes a lot of time to practice and prepare to take a few minutes to explore the ocean, those who love this subject think it is totally worth it. The feeling of freedom without weight when exploring the underwater world makes many tourists excited about the sea when given the opportunity. Joy at