Australia – Cooly Classic – Swimming At Sea In Coolangatta (Part 2)

Right on the beach, South Stradbroke Island is the perfect getaway for bushwalking, sea sailing, rock climbing, wind surfing and beach fishing. Relax on pristine beaches or find familiar “breaks” to surf on beaches up to 20 kilometers long covered by tropical forests.

The island is home to a variety of wildlife, including 160 species of birds, 35 species of butterflies and kangaroo species of golden swamp (Golden Swamp Wallaby). If you want to stay longer, there are campsites, self-contained apartments and two award-winning resorts. Guests can get there by ferry or water taxi.

Dive deeper into the island’s natural and cultural history on an aboriginal kayak tour. Kayak across dolphins, rays, reptiles, kangaroos, birds and colorful subtropical fish. Visitors will also be connected to the land and the sea through the ancient window of aboriginal culture.

Stop at South Stradroke Island for traditional hunting and a hearty traditional lunch. Listen to the stories of World Creative Time when guided by travelers along long paths with ancient bushes. Canoeing time is a time when visitors have the opportunity to look back on their unique cultural expedition.

Although its name is Gold Coast, Gold Coast does not just mean golden coast. Off the coast, you’ll find ancient ecological refuge of the Gondwanan rainforest, crystalline waterfalls and mossy deep canyons.

Follow one of the walking trails through Lamington and Springbrook National Parks – World Heritage-listed, or walk between the two parks along the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk.

Wander under the canopy of Antarctic Oak trees, see colorful subtropical birds, swim in sparkling water pits, enjoy many water sports and standing on the banks of an eroded volcano. After being immersed in nature, explore the area’s wine cellars or spend the night in a lush jungle lodge. Farther north are the quaint villages in Mount Tamborine and the waterfalls in Tamborine National Park surprise visitors.

Besides its natural attractions, the Gold Coast has many other highlights. Enjoy shopping in high-end shops, street markets or windy supermarkets. Soak up the relentless nightlife, enjoy a meal in the bustling surroundings and visit wildlife, or join an adventure game in the park.

Cooly Classic is a great excuse to explore the Gold Coast. April next year, take part in Australia’s classic beach festival at one of Australia’s most iconic beaches.