10 suggestions of water sports in Taiwan (Part 2)

Discover the wonders of the seabed

Immerse yourself in a dazzling underwater world on a scuba diving or snorkeling on one of Taiwan’s offshore islands. The clear waters off the coast of Ryukyu Island and Penghu Islands are filled with brilliant tropical fish.

The lively coral reefs around Volcanic Green Island and Orchid Island (Lanyu) create a unique landscape of marine life. Going on a scuba diving, snorkelling or boat trip with a local guide is a memorable experience.

Boating around Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan’s largest and only natural lake. Named for its two parts, a fiery sun-shaped water in the north and a crescent-shaped moon in the south, the idyllic lake is the center of Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area.

Water taxis and boat tours drag across the larger Sun Lake, the smaller Moon Lake is a peaceful haven for kayaking and other water sports.

Play on the beach

You can participate in swimming and playing on the waves on the sandy northern beaches of Taiwan. At the northwestern tip, visit Baishawn Beach (White Sand Bay) when the ebb tide is when the sandbanks and the tide pools create new places to play.

On the northeast coast, Fulong beach is famous for its golden sand. You should also visit the annual Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival in April to see the majestic works.

Rowing boat

Cruise down a rushing river on a thrilling rafting trip through the Xiuguluan River gorge is 65 miles long, the longest river in eastern Taiwan, going from the central mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

Guided rafting tours around the 15-mile canyons from Rei Shui to Da Gangkou.

The game of speed

You want to engage in high gear on the tropical southern coast of Taiwan. Nanwan Beach (South Bay) in Kenting National Park is a playground for large motorized water toys, such as Jet Skis, banana boats, and other inflatable boats.

You should arrive early to rent a trip and services around the bay first to avoid being overloaded.

Take a boat tour on the sea to watch the sunrise

See the first golden rays of the day in the Pacific Ocean on a boat tour. May to September is a good time for boat trips to the sun along the Qingshui Cliff. Towering almost 3,000 feet above sea level, Qingshui is as impressive as a 13-mile cliff straight into the ocean.

So what are you waiting for without booking yourself a Taiwan tour with your friends to experience great water sports?