10 suggestions of water sports in Taiwan (Part 1)

From snorkelling expeditions to peaceful kayaking trips, Taiwan is full of opportunities for you to immerse yourself in water sports activities amidst the immense space of the sea.

Taiwan is surrounded by the East China Sea in the north, South China in the South, the Pacific Ocean in the East and the Taiwan Strait in the West and boasts more than 20 rivers and island nations.

For all underwater adventures. In addition, Taiwan’s extensive coastal railway system and Taiwan bus lines make it easy to get around to connect with underwater adventures from any major city. Let’s explore 10 water sports activities in Taiwan.


Surfing is always a popular activity when in Taiwan, where there are year-round waves, beautiful beaches and relaxed surf areas. Eastern beaches, especially Donghe, Fulong and Jinzun are for experienced surfers who want to look for big waves.

For those who want to experience the places with lighter waves, south to Jialeshui, a surf hot spot in Kenting National Park where beginners can rent surfboards and learn to surf.

Watching dolphins and whales in the wild

Home to more than 20 different species of dolphins and whales, Taiwan’s East Coast National Scenic Area is a mammoth wonderland.

From May to September, the whale watching cruise departs from the Shiti port of Hualien and the Chenggong port of Taitung to explore an offshore area rich in marine life. You will be amazed to see amazing water animals, such as spotted dolphins and tropical spotted dolphins, and navigator whales.

Taiwan’s East Coast National Scenic Area is a wonderland for mammals, especially whales – Source: Internet

Discover the sea cliffs

Rushing currents erode large boulders and other natural obstacles. Taiwan’s ravines, waterfalls and rivers create attractions for Taiwanese sea expeditions.

You can climb, dive, and travel along famous gorges, such as the Baibao and Shanpodang rivers near Hualien, the Jiajiuliao stream in Taipei City and the Touqian River in Yangmingshan National Park.


The stable year-round winds, clear water and flat terrain make the Penghu Islands one of the planet’s top places for windsurfing. Strong winter winds (October to March) attract very severe gusts.

Try participating in surfing festivals at the RS: One 2019 World Championships, from November 12 to 14, spring and summer, learn how to surf, rent equipment or take a surfing trip offshore with Liquid Sport Penghu. On land, the surf attraction is Dapeng Bay, the largest lagoon in southwestern Taiwan.